Striped Amaryllis Handmade Decoupage LED Real Wax Flicker Candles SHORT

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Make a statement with this one of kind item. Each candle may differ slightly from the photographs above, as they are handmade. Hand decorated LED Flicker (real wax) candle, batteries not included. Non scented. On/Off switch at bottom. Great for any occasion. Each candle is one of a kind, finished with washi tape on the back. Includes protective wrap that you can remove. Candle was photographed with the protective wrap on it. 


Size: 4"H x 3" W
Material: Paraffin wax
Weight: 5.7 oz
Note: Takes AA batteries.  Batteries not included.  Do not leave outside, in car, or in front of a single pane window.  Does not not include reversible glass taper candle holder.
Handmade in Needham, MA USA.