Super Slow Sloths The game

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  • Unique Board Game - Have you played board games where you have to be the last to win? Meet Super Slow Sloths Board Game! Go slow to secure your crown as the slowest-moving sloth in this ingeniously backwards board game.
  • Snooze, Sabotage and Saunter - How lucky are you in family board games? In this game of lethargy, your fate rests on the spinner, the decider of action cards. Use your action cards wisely, so you can be the last player to reach the finish line.
  • Entertaining Sloth-Like Gameplay - To play this kid’s and adult game, use the spinner, draw the corresponding card and follow the instructions. Saunter through the game in a clockwise direction until the last sloth reaches the end line. Each game lasts 20-30 minutes.
  • Easy-to-Play Family Game - Looking for entertaining games for adults and kids? Look no further! Each family fun game set includes 6 sloth playing pieces, 100 cards, 7 double-sided jigsaw race track pieces, spinner and rule sheet.
  • Fun Family Games for Everyone - Love playing fun games? Add this hilariously sluggish game to your collection of fun party games for family game night! This game is ideal for ages 8 years and over. It’s a popular game for kids and adults alike, even with just 2 players.